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March 25th, 2009

Important News:

Due to ever-increasing costs of parts and materials, I am forced to halt all sales of the J.S. Customs Fog Light Conversion Kit. For my most-recent order, I paid just $3 less for the core module of this kit than I charged for the entire kit itself. To raise my prices back to the original margins I started with would cause the basic kit to cost in excess of $50 dollars! I simply cannot charge my customers this much money, especially when so many bought the first copies of this kit for just over $30 dollars.

I am entertaining the idea of offering this as a "group buy" option in batches of 5 or more. However, having only filled five orders in the past two years, it is highly unlikely that one batch will ever be ordered.

Still, I am very proud of the success of this kit - over 70 units were sold (not bad for a living-room project) and more importantly, a challenge was met. I was told years ago that this could never be done.

I welcome any questions or comments. If you have five or more people who are willing and ready to purchase the kit, let me know - I'll check current market prices and respond quickly with a group-buy price.

If you would like to assist in incorporating this kit into a different vehicle, please let me know. I should have expanded my horizons years ago.

Thank you for your business, and best wishes.

-Jeffrey Stephen

E-Mail: JSKnapp1@Yahoo.com